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New Native Bee Photos!

July 2013 Update

Aussie Bee Homepage > New Native Bee Photographs

Videos of Australian Native Bees

Aussie Bee sincerely thanks all our photographers for allowing us to showcase their images!


This winter, Aussie Bee has just uploaded seven fabulous new galleries of native bee photos for you to enjoy! They feature the work of five amazing photographers who have captured the beauty of our native bees, each in their own special style.

The photographs add to the previous galleries presented in February 2013 and in 2011-2012.

Click on the links below to see these wonderful native bee images!

JUST ADDED: July 2013 Galleries
Blue Banded Bee Photographs
by David Pastern
resin bee
Nomia Bee Roost
by Erica Siegel

February 2013 Galleries
Resin Bee Photographs
by Erica Siegel
resin bee

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS: 2011 -- 2012

In 2011 -- 2012 Aussie Bee presented fourteen superb galleries of new photographs.

Did you miss seeing these images? Click on the links below to see these beautiful native bee photographs!

2012 Galleries
Stingless Bee Photographs
Aussie Bee
Featuring the New Australian Stingless Bee Species:
A. cincta!

Lestis Carpenter Bee Photographs
by Erica Siegel
and Corinne Jordan-Ivers
Nomia Bee Photographs
by Corinne Jordan-Ivers

2011 Galleries
stingless bees
stingless bees
Lestis Carpenter Bee Photographs
by Ernst van der Veen
blue banded bee
cuckoo bee
Cuckoo Bee Photographs
by Erica Siegel,
'Peter O' &
Kathleen Coffey
leafcutter or resin bee
Leafcutter Bee Photographs
by Erica Siegel &
Corinne Jordan-Ivers
leafcutter or resin bee
Resin Bee

by Corinne Jordan-Ivers & Erica Siegel
leafcutter or resin bee
leafcutter or resin bee
New Zealand

by Belinda Griffiths
leafcutter or resin bee

Main Collection of Native Bee Photos
in our Native Bee Gallery

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